F**k it and set yourself free

Some time ago I came across a really simple but extremely powerful idea for life philosophy. I have been searching for some inspiring books in the psychological books section and what caught my eye was the title of a little black book, which read: ‘F**k it’. At the first sight, the book seemed more entertaining than practical. It was fun to read all those tips about saying f**k it and for instance singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ out loud in public or doing plenty of other random things that were in the end supposed to make one feel free. The funny thing is that now as I look back, the once completely abstract idea has started to make more and more sense in my life.

The philosophy of saying f**k it gives you a completely new perspective on life. Because after all, when we come to think of it, any stressful or inconvenient situation that we encounter, like e.x. an exam, isn’t as important as we may at first assume it is. In view of the whole life, it doesn’t matter that much. Of course, I’m not saying that one should have no aspirations and do nothing at all. However, if we switch our mindset a little bit and stress out less about things, it may actually help us go through these tough times. After all, when relaxed we are way more efficient, less likely to forget things and also, as studies show less prone to illnesses, especially those related to heart.

I think, that in fact, saying ‘f**k it’ gives you a sense of freedom in life. You care less about what other people think about you, you lose less time overanalyzing and you do more things that you enjoy which consequently leads to higher levels of happiness.

Also, an interesting thing is that when you let yourself go, you also set your imagination free. You dream bigger and so you achieve bigger as well!

Personally, I am trying to implement this philosophy and so far it works great! For me, more freedom also means saying ‘f**k it’ to the pressure of the society and my peers to look for a job and become a slave for my employer only to pursue the thing that many people my age consider as their primary goal – money. I must say that I am a person who would rather be poor but live for the ideals and passions, because without them, my life doesn’t seem to make sense to me. And this is exactly how I begun my journey with blogging and Internet marketing. As it turns out, it might not be the case that you have to choose between happiness and wealth.

Anyway, I would recommend to try out the ‘f**k it’ philosophy to anyone, regardless of age, job or status. Let yourself free and feel the easiness in your body and soul!

Below, you will find a few tips from Gaia and John C. Parkin, the authors of the mentioned book. Also, in case you can’t wait to read the whole thing, I’m attaching direct links to Amazon.


The version with images and straight to the point tips: The Way of F**k It: Small Book. Big Wisdom

The revised version with the philosophy explained in more detail: F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

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If you have any thoughts on the f**k it philosophy, feel free to share them in the comment section. I’m excited to hear about how it works for you guys!



7 thoughts on “F**k it and set yourself free

  1. I am certainly not unfamiliar with the word as it’s been used in my vocabulary for decades. I guess I just got tired of it, because, for me, with it comes a certain degree really of being a nothing word. The only time I used it was when I was angry, and I gave up being angry a long time ago (it sucked)-so now I can’t seem to find a need for it. I haven’t read the books – so I cannot say negative or positive about it, but when I look at your photo, for some reason, I just don’t picture it coming out of your beautiful self. I think you care, are articulate, and really, the words I hear have a higher ring when I think of you speaking-or writing. That’s just me! Post got me thinking though, didn’t it?
    Thanks and have a wonderful day.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Yeah, I’m not a big fan of swearing but I guess the words don’t really matter. For me, what matters is the idea behind them – freeing yourself from all the unnecessary worries and trusting that all the events that happen to you are the best things that could have happened. 🙂

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