Vlog: This is how dreams come true…

In this vlog I am sharing the story of how I made my dream come true and advice on how you can do that too!

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10 thoughts on “Vlog: This is how dreams come true…

  1. I truly love your video, it was very inspirational, one of the best things you said was ” Let the universe know what you want”, which I agree with all the way, you have to be sure of what you want and take chances at times in life, when you knock on different doors, it only takes that one door to open up to give you a opportunity. Keep up the good work, and I plan on visiting your blog and watching more videos.

  2. Nice to see such a positive person! I think it’s important to know that we can make our dreams come true. Congratulations and nice hair by the way 😉

  3. Magdalena,

    I love the topics on your blog! I constantly struggle between being happy and always comparing myself to others. I’m glad you found my blog first or else I would’ve never discovered yours.

    Ps, you should read some posts from Bianca Sparacino. she’s amazing! I think you would enjoy her


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