There are no mistakes…

two-pathsMany people tend to be afraid of having to make decisions. If you ask such a person ‘why’, they will normally tell you that they are afraid of making a mistake, choosing the wrong option. However, when we come to think of it, are things in life really either black or white? And thus can an option only be either a mistake or the right choice?

When I look at the decisions I’ve made in my life, both the tiny and the big ones, and what they actually brought with them, I notice something interesting. From the perspective of time, it seems that even the seemingly wrong decisions at the time, have pushed me in a direction that made me grow and become who I am now.

The thing with making choices is that each one takes you on a unique path in life. Additionally, it is intertwined with other, smaller choices of yours and also other people’s. Consequently, making a mistake is just impossible. Each choice will simply take you on its distinct adventure. If the word ‘adventure’, suggesting something unknown, scares you, think about it like this: there is virtually nothing in this world that you can know for sure. Your future is the great unknown. However, this is the whole beauty in life. Isn’t it exciting that there are so many surprises ahead? Imagine, how boring existence would be, if you knew everything (both good and bad) that will happen to you throughout your whole life…

If facing a choice, no matter how hard it is, the worst thing you can do is getting paralysed and refusing to decide on any option. This can only lead to stagnation, lack of growth. It’s a sign of silent resignation and will often result in sadness and frustration with oneself. So don’t be afraid of taking a leap! Remember that there are no mistakes. Make a decision, even if you’re uncertain and see where it takes you. From my experience, I can tell you that more often than not, it will take you to a beautiful place of growth and fulfilment. With every decision that you make, you will get better at it. You will learn to make better ones in the future and through progressive alternations, you will be able to create the reality you’ve always dreamt of.

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  1. Fantastic perspective! I have definitely learned over the years that even if some decisions you make don’t work out in your favor, there is always something to be learned from them. It has taught me to firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

  2. Good on you. In the military we’re taught to make a decision, any decision. It’s better to make a bad decision than no decision at all. Which, by the way, is a worse decision.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  3. When I think I have a decision to make, I ask myself:

    How does my heart beat? Do I decide to beat my heart, or is it doing this life on its’ own?

    Then, I simply live in step with my heart beating, and decisions – big and small – seem to always naturally be made as they should.

    You’re awesome!
    – Saunsea

  4. Hi,
    Really interesting article and definitely worth a read.
    Life is for living. It is the greatest adventure and longest journey you will ever take and each step along the path is a learning experience.

    I am afraid everyday but the fear of failure is far outweighed by the thrill of stepping into the unknown 🙂

  5. Nice use of the picture in your blog, I will have to try that out.
    I agree completely with the article….I personally have trouble deciding what to do because I have so many things in mind. Then you end up not doing anything or doing things half-ass. Better to commit to something if only for an hour or two, and do it.

    So to add onto your post…make decisions that you can live with in the present, and take it one step at a time. Because no one is going to be able to compute all the possibilities and where they will end up.

  6. “It is impossible to make a mistake”. These words are surely to resonate in my ears for a long time. Answered a lot of questions I had. Thanks for writing this 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog: Cancer Hits the Streets. I think your perspective on making choices is excellent. As long as we’re alive, we have the luxury of choosing our next adventure.

  8. “Remember that there are no mistakes.”
    Some mistakes you learn from, but other mistakes are complete disasters that you spend years trying to make up for. It’s comforting to think “I learned from that” or “it was God’s plan,” but comfort is perhaps not what you need to feel at that point.

  9. Magdalena! What a great and unique way of looking at the absolute need to not be afraid to make the decisions regarding often challenging situations you have expressed here! Peace

  10. Spot on, I completely agree (was going to write something similar to this myself). I would suggest watching Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto found on netflix, same concept, its great.

  11. ‘Do or not do – there is no “try”‘
    I forget which guru said that but it’s what I live by

  12. I often feel overwhelmed by making decisions, and it’s not because I feel like I’ll make a mistake. Oddly enough I feel as though there are quite simply infinite options and there are too many, they may all be too wonderful, and I could never know what path life may take if I had made a different decision. Sometimes I made completely random/arbitrary decisions, even though it’s an important one, because I assign too much meaning to each outcome and everything becomes meaningless in a sea of potentialities and significance. I’m not sure if anyone else knows what I’m talking about, or if I sound totally unbelievable. :/

    • It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed with decisions, especially in the world that offers us infinite number of choices in almost every single aspect of life (take for example the choice of shampoos or mineral water in supermarkets). One interesting thing I’ve learnt on a Personal Development class last year is that it’s sometimes good to stick with one thing when it comes to less important choices (for example sticking to one particular brand of groceries and stuff), so that your brain does not get overwhelmed with too many choices to make. When it comes to more important ones, it’s better, from a psychological point of view, to settle for a thing that is good enough instead of trying to find the perfect thing, because in the end each choice has it’s pros and cons and perfection will usually not exist. So once you’ve made a decision that feels good enough, simply stop overthinking it and be open and curious about where it gets you. I hope this helps 😉

  13. Awsm post. It will help me in future in deciding where to go what to decide n how to reach. Actual fear is failure wch stops in choosing the path. Through this article got to know dat it’s best to take a step without thinking of future failures. Might be it will turn to a bigger success.

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