You can make excuses or you can make it happen

Lately I have been thinking about the dynamics that determine the direction of our lives. And analysing my own life, it became pretty obvious – in the end the times when I actively took action instead of waiting around for something to happen, account for the biggest and most positive breakthroughs.

I know what some of you might be thinking – it’s easier said than done. I used to think that too when I read all those positive and motivating to take action quotes around the internet. However, one day I asked myself – don’t I want to have control over my life at last? Am I happy with my surroundings randomly choosing my destiny for me? I realised that until I do something, nothing will happen. I can keep on dreaming but life will pass in front of me. If I keep on doing the same things that I did in the past, nothing will change. It will stay the same – boring and frustrating.

I thought about this in terms of virtually every single area of my life. Let’s take love for instance. As I grew up, I became more and more passive, scared of being rejected. And then it occurred to me that it was my ego which has grown inside of me, full of fear. It made me act so immature that I sometimes questioned myself as a grown up. After all, in love we should also be able to be the adults and honestly talk with each other about our feelings.

Another significant area was work. Finishing my studies, I realised that if I don’t actively search for the job that will actually give me satisfaction, if I don’t work hard to be able to live the exact lifestyle of my dreams, nothing will happen. I will not wake up one day magically with money on my account and a beach just outside my house. I have to make some effort.

The nice thing about all of this is that even though people sometimes try to avoid hard work, putting the effort in the realisation of their deepest dreams and goals, makes them enjoy things even more. It’s so much more satisfying (and the happiness lasts longer) to work for something with your own hands than just to get it out of the blue.

All in all, I think that pushing ourselves to do things which are out of our comfort zone, make us actually grow and evolve, which is a significant factor in the overall happiness of every human being.

With this in mind, I suggest a little challenge for myself and everyone who reads this post. Let’s push our limits, take action in a chosen area of life, at least once every single day for a week. I’m excited to see how far it’s possible to get in this seemingly short time simply by doing something instead of waiting around.

Remember – you can make excuses or you can make it happen! You choose 😉

Update: I did it! I finally found the courage to initiate a pretty stressful conversation aaaand I’m so happy I did it! Maybe the reality is not as perfect as I wished it would be but it’s fine. I have proved to myself that I can do it and I know what I wanted to know… I feel the strength growing in me and I know I am evolving and that’s always a good thing. Sooo from now on whenever I want something, I’ll just ask for it. There’s just no point wasting your energy on wondering about stuff when you could just ask. 🙂

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