Why focusing on where you are won’t get you anywhere

Imagine that you are walking with your eyes down on the ground, focusing intently on where you currently are, studying the path you are on. If you never look up to establish the direction where you should be heading or decide on a destination, where do you think you will arrive?

Photo by Anastasia Petrova on Unsplash

Last year, somewhat by chance, I found myself co-directing a start-up with two other colleagues. As our new strategy unfolded and we started working towards building the business, I found myself increasingly in opposition with the other two. As weeks passed, they gradually became demotivated and challenged my optimism with “the actual numbers”. What became more and more clear to me was that their focus was completely stuck on the current situation and the lack of drive from their side was a result of the lack of vision in terms of the future of the company.

Both in business and in life in general, focusing only on bare numbers or current situation can tremendously stall any progress and make one feel powerless. As much as it might be of value to enjoy the present moment or anaylse the past to draw conclusions for the future, if we don’t have a vision, a destination we want to reach, we cannot expect to arrive much further than we are in the current moment.

As humans, we are motivated by goals. We thrive when we have a clear view on where we want to get and happily work towards that destination. On the other hand, not having anything to look forward to or strive for can leave us demotivated and even depressed.

If you’re feeling like your life or business is stuck in one place or you lack motivation, take your eyes off the ground and look up towards the horizon. What does the place you wish to find yourself in in the future look like? What could be the goal that will make you jump out of bed with joy every morning?

Wherever you are right now doesn’t matter that much because the nature of this world is that it is constantly changing. Once you realize that the current situation can change and it depends solely on you to make that happen, you will feel the empowerment which will make you unstoppable on the path towards your goals. And as you start feeling more in control, you will realize that you are also much happier as your daily tasks suddenly become meaningful.

Don’t be discouraged by the people who throw “facts” at you and tell you your goals are unrealistic. Whatever it is you are striving for will never even have a chance to become reality if you spend your energy dwelling on how far you are from realizing it. Reaching any destination takes courage and determination to take one step after another keeping in mind the clear vision of where you are choosing to head towards. In the end, why focus on the unsatisfying facts if you can take charge and change them?

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