What’s going on?

I might have been away from here for a while but for once I actually have a really good reason for my absence. Struggling with a lot of stress caused by many unexpected changes and events in my life, I have decided to try out floating (and no, that’s not my reason just yet…).

So what is floating? It’s a sort of meditative/relaxing experience. In simple words, it boils down to effortlessly floating in the water filled with salt so that it pushes our body to the surface, either in a closed capsule or a small pool. Basically, it’s a mini Dead Sea experience.

Despite my slight claustrophobia (also, I must admit, encouraged by the cheaper price of this option), I opted for floating in a closed capsule and after initially keeping the dimmed lights and meditative music on, I decided to switch both off and float in complete darkness and silence. And thank God I did! The experience was purely divine! I found myself feeling as if I were floating in empty space, without gravity or sounds, with the water under me so soft it felt to touch like a cloud (or a giant marshmallow!).


After walking out of my first floating session, something incredible happened. For the first time in months, I had absolutely no problem with falling asleep and my sweet slumber felt much deeper than usual, leaving me even more relaxed and accepting of whatever was to come. And even more importantly, I have found myself truly inspired. Inspired to write.

I have been working on a book for a jaw-dropping 7 years (roughly, I cannot be sure any more) and I finally found myself truly determined to finish it. And for the first time in my life, I found that little voice inside (or rather – that little dictator in me) that pushed me to continue writing every single day until I met my chosen quota. So my big reason for not writing articles is, in the end, my determination to keep writing my book a priority.

Oftentimes in life, if we really want to progress towards our dreams, life sends us something to make us desire the completion of our goal so strongly that we, ourselves, become merciless towards our own excuses. For me, I must admit, there were a few additional emotional struggles that have made their contribution in making me desire to complete my goal so strongly. Nevertheless, let’s keep in mind that if that strength can surface so unexpectedly, it must be, inevitably, already in us. We all already have what it takes inside us, sometimes it just takes a little time (/7 years…) to figure out how to reach out and use it!

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  1. Hi Magdalena! This article is so relevant and timely for me. I began pursuing my dream 7 years ago as well, and pretty much shelved it until this past week. Something inside gave me new inspiration and motivation to pursue my dream again. Interestingly, I am going to do a blog on the float tank as well and am considering adding a video element. I have been putting it off because I am concerned that I will be cold while in the tank. My bath water, or hot tubs are always steaming hot and I really dislike the cold! But your article is just the encouragement I need to try it out. My hope is also for a deep meditative experience that clears the way for more inspiration to come. Thank you!~Brandi

    • Hi Brandi! It’s great that you found my article with such perfect timing, I hope this way we can motivate each other seeing it perhaps as a sign. For the float tank, the water temperature is 36 degrees which corresponds to your body temperature which in turn means you should feel neither warm or cold. I am usually freezing everywhere and the water was just perfect for me, I even felt slightly warmed by it. So you shouldn’t let that worry keep you from trying it out! I now got a 10 entries card for the tank, let’s see where that brings me! 😀

    • Hi! I’m doing great, thank you! It depends where you live, there are normally places dedicated to floating, so just search for “floating” or “float” in the place you live. I personally live in Zurich so I use the capsule at the private spa called “float Zürich”. I hope you have a great experience with it as well 🙂

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