What if… there is no point?

Recently I have come across a couple of recordings that have influenced my life philosophy significantly. I have been fascinated by the zen teachings for quite some time and it was natural for me to explore what Alan Watts, the great speaker and philosopher, interested in this topic, had to say.

One of the most interesting concepts he arises is that a human being is in fact not only his body and ego, but also he ultimately is the whole universe. The point is that everything in the world is connected. We as people are connected to each other and to the whole universe, just like the leafs on a tree are connected to the branches. This idea makes you realize the great power and wisdom we all have and about which we so often forget.

The next concept that really struck me is about the purpose of life. Very often I caught myself thinking about what it is and being unable to find an ultimate answer. And what Alan Watts says is so simple and yet shocking – that there is in the end no point out there. The thing is that even though many people will argue about happiness/prolonging the genes etc. being the purpose of life, when we think about it in more definite terms, we realize it isn’t so. Because what is the purpose of all of this? To leave something behind us on this Earth? Well, in the end even if we reproduce, our kids will die one day just like we will. There is simply nothing in there, there is no end of the road where we’d know we’ve arrived. However, this doesn’t mean we should sit and cry. It might actually be a positive thing. Think about it this way – if there is no ultimate goal then it means that we should live the moment, play around with life, be happy here and now. If we have nothing to lose, we have everything to gain – experiences, adventures, fun. I think that in the end this is what life is about – catching every moment and living it to the fullest. In that case it is absolutely irrational to struggle through life trying to keep up with the race, doing the jobs with hate. We should instead search for something that will bring a smile to our face every single day of our existence. And this reminds me of one comics I have come across while browsing the Internet, which really blew my mind: 

It’s definitely something to think about…

I recommend to take the time and listen to all 3 Alan Watts’ speeches. They are absolutely amazing! You can find the links below.

Myth of Myself

Man in Nature

Coincidence of Opposites


4 thoughts on “What if… there is no point?

  1. The other side of what is really so is really so what – Werner Erhard, founder of est

  2. Thanks for the follow. Of course if you read any of my “deeper” stuff you will see that this philosophy or knowledge, if you will, is my belief. Thanks for the links. I have bookmarked them all and will listen to them later. I have a great set of talks presented as apps for my ipad called DNA2012. They are great. I was told they are no longer available but if you can get to them I think you might enjoy the message. It doesn’t mince any words but really is empowering in its honesty. 🙂

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