Trust thyself. On the nature of truth

We live in the age of information. Nowadays, more than ever we have access to thousands of sources of information. Even when we’re not looking for it, it creeps up on us on our Facebook or Instagram feeds, it sneaks into YouTube videos that we watch. Even our smartphones can surprise us with notifications of random articles we “might be interested in”. In this vast sea of information, it is hard not to come across sources that are completely contradictory, despite each being backed by “trustworthy” individuals or even science. Perhaps we are conditioned to seek for something that is the ultimate, undeniable truth but what if such truth does not actually exist?

The nature of the universe we live in is very curious. With the birth of quantum physics we entered a somewhat unsteady ground of science that gives birth to more questions than answers. If we look at the famous two slit experiment, where electrons can behave either like a wave or like individual particles and give completely different experimental results depending on what we try to measure and how, with the idea of conflicting results on quantum level, the idea of a single truth existing in this reality slowly fades away.

If we really get down to the bottom of it, all matter that we see, including ourselves is made of atoms which are in turn made of over 99.99% empty space (or rather what we so far recognize as empty space/energy/quantum fields). With this in mind everything that surrounds us becomes less and less set in stone and more and more fluid.

If we dive deep into the results of quantum experiments, the reality that we see is more a question of choice than anything else. Scientists too like to create models and theories and argue with each other which is the correct one, which is the single truth. But in the end, majority of these models and theories can be proven experimentally and the single truth we all crave for so much is nowhere to be found.

With that in mind, if there is no single truth about the basic nature of the world that surrounds us, it is even less plausible that there is a single truth about the perfect way to live one’s life or the most optimal political views. But it is in the end what we believe in that becomes the truth in our individual existence. Whatever we believe in ends up governing our actions and makes us pay attention to and perceive more of the “proofs” for our views while making us subconsciously block out things that might disprove it.

We can literally transform our reality by choosing a different belief system. The question is: are we going to take charge and make the choices ourselves or are we going to let the external influences shape our actions and our reality to their own liking?

The key to this is being aware of the choice that we have. Wake up from the numbness and become aware of the hidden agenda behind the advertisements, the words of politicians or the news reports and you will find that the more aware you become and the more discernment you use, the less power these things have over you.

It is somewhat cheesy to say trust your intuition, but it actually is what one needs to do. In the flood of contradicting information, you need to find the truth within yourself and choose the truth that works best in your own life. Do you want to believe that the world is a horrible and dangerous place and life is meaningless? You sure will find plenty of proof for that. But wouldn’t you rather find that the world is a magical place, filled with love and people caring for each other and for the planet? This too can be proven true. So which reality will you choose to live in?

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