True happiness lies within…

Every once in a while each of us encounters those special words on our way. It might be one sentence or a few, but it has an extremely powerful impact on us and can provoke a massive shift in thinking. Often, these words come to you when you least expect them, from a place where you would least expect them to appear. Not a long time ago, I’ve encountered this kind of quote in a song of Chrysta Bell and David Lynch. It’s about searching for happiness within yourself instead of the outside world. I find it really true for myself.

Here’s the quote, I couldn’t possibly explain this concept better than they did!

There is this unbounded, infinite, eternal, level, ocean, within every human being. Inner happiness comes with consciousness, bliss, intelligence comes with it. Creativity, love.
Human beings have a potential and it has names like enlightenment or fulfilment, or liberation.
True happiness is not out there, true happiness lies within.
They say beauty is only skin deep but it’s this stuff coming from the inside, absolute vibrant consciousness, absolute bliss.

Oddly enough, the quote comes from the song Polish Poem, which is funny as I am actually Polish… Seems like destiny 😀 You can find the full song below.

2 thoughts on “True happiness lies within…

  1. Witam,
    Poszukuję bardzo tego klipu, który został usunięty z YT. Straciłem kopię na komputerze. Czy PAN/PANI czymś takim dysponuje? Byłbym bardzo wdzięczny 🙂


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