A thought from high above

Recently, I had travelled a lot and that also included plenty of flights. There are many people I know who are afraid of flying or simply do not enjoy it because of the discomfort of dry air and the pressure which plugs their ears. As for me, I have always had positive associations with being on an airplane. And, surprisingly, it’s not because of the sense of adventures waiting for me when I arrive at my destination.

Sitting by the window and looking at the clouds below me, flights have always seemed very transformative. Being high in the sky, above the surface of the Earth, helps me to distance myself from what is down there. I realize, how small and unimportant things really are. Nothing lasts forever – neither physical wealth, nor us, humans. It’s important to see that we are all just tiny pieces in the great picture and we are here only for a moment. Looking at everyday life with such a perspective, can really transform your life.

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