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DSC00479I haven’t been writing for quite a while, so I thought it’s high time to do so… The autumn has brought the cold and gloomy days and more and more often I find myself staying at home instead of going out, drinking hot chocolate or a nice spicy tea, usually chai. And when it comes to this type of tea, there is one brand I have recently fell in love with, which offers delicious teas with really rich flavours. Plus, to each teabag there is a tiny paper with a wise quote attached. This is a feature that I must say, I absolutely adore! (The brand’s name is YogiTea).

So today I’ve decided to share with you a few of my favourite quotes I have come across with my mug in hand 🙂 These definitely trigger some reflections, especially paired with this kind of weather and the smell of spices in the air!

“Be the answer not the question.”





“Be not affected by neither praise nor insult.”

“Build self-esteem first and the house later.”

“Beauty resides in your own eyes.”





I’m really curious about your thoughts on these quotes, so feel free to share your reflections in the comment section!

6 thoughts on “Teabag wisdom

  1. Simple and inspiring. Thank you for those short but good words, especially in such a nice relaxing Saturday morning 🙂

  2. When I gave up eating and drinking dairy produce, the absence of milk sort of pushed me in the general direction of Chinese teas, starting with green tea, and then on to Oolong and Pu-erh.

    Eventually you drift into the whole Gong Fu tea ceremony thing – it just happens!

    It adds a whole Zen-like, meditative layer to the tea drinking experience. 🙂

  3. Just to add a bit of a smile to this very interesting post of yours…
    I once found this in a fortune cookie after a great meal–
    “You will meet a handsome man–hope you like men.”

  4. I have also recently discovered Yogi tea and although they taste delicious it is definitely the inspiring quotes that will keep me buying! thanks for sharing this 🙂

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