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I would like to share with you an amazing video I have come across a few days ago. I’ve known Anthony Robbins and his teachings for quite a long time now, but this particular interview shook me completely. The famous coach interviews two self-made multimillionaires, who have earned their fortunes working online. In the video, they all brainstorm the reasons and differences between people who succeed hugely and those, who struggle for years to make a dime. I think what they are saying is really powerful. We often hear people telling us that only few lucky ones gain millions, that it’s beyond our reach and better play it safe. The thing is that all the truly successful people I can recall have something in common – they will all tell you that you should believe in yourself, that impossible is nothing, that there is no need for plan B because it will destruct you from plan A (Will Smith’s words). They will tell you to try until you succeed and that first, you have to believe that you can do it.
From the logical point of view, it seems pretty obvious. If you want to achieve something extraordinary, who should you mimic, who should you listen to? Those with average results or rather those who achieved something extraordinary?

Anthony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese all agree that the mindset is the most important part of success. And not only are they telling it as pure theory, but also present examples from their own lives how their strong belief in their dreams made those dreams a reality.

It’s also interesting how you can actually connect these teachings to the philosophy of zen. The believers in zen talk about the fact that all beings, including us are a part of one energy – the Universe. We are all part of the Universe which is also alive, conscious and aware of the existence of each of us. And because of that, it communicates with us in the form of events. This knowledge gives us a lot of power as what we think or believe can materialize itself as a response from the Universe and in fact it always does. That’s why in everyday life we are surrounded by events which we call coincidences, self-fulfilling prophecies etc. And that’s why what we believe is possible for us is crucial. And both people who believe in the law of attraction and those who don’t are correct. As Henry Ford wisely put it –

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

During the interview, Tony Robbins makes a little experiment with the guys which actually shows how their beliefs can change their capabilities in a few seconds (see 24:10 in the video). I’ve tried the exercise myself and what struck me is that it really worked! Even more surprisingly I had this strange situation the next day. I had to push the end of a garden hose to the tap and I just couldn’t make it click. I had struggled for several minutes and finally had to ask someone to help me. The next day I was alone and had to do it again. Remembering what I’ve heard and read about the beliefs, I closed my eyes still pushing the thing and imagined myself making it click. The very moment I opened my eyes, it clicked with perfect ease! It completely stunned me when I realised how much more I could do if I used this power in other, more important parts of my life. I was left completely speechless.

I encourage you to watch this powerful video. It’s pretty long, but it’s absolutely worth taking the time.

In the end we’re all equal, we’re all made from the same matter. The only thing that differentiates us and makes us create such distinct destinies is what we think and believe.

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Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity. – Will Smith

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  1. The mind is one of the most powerful creations. The power to succeed or give up lies directly within. When we believe in ourselves and our works of greatness, the mind works overtime to materialise whatever we set ourselves to do. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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