Snoop Lion – The Good Good

One of the secrets to keep being positive and happy in life is to surround yourself with positive things. One of these could be the music you listen to. If it sends a good message and makes you feel better right from the start of the day, your mind will keep your focus on the bright sides of any situation you come across. So here is my first suggestion with the lyrics.

It’s a song by Snoop Dogg, who has changed his stage name to Snoop Lion after the huge transformation in his life. Now he’s all about love and peace and although many people criticize him for that, I personally think that we should admire him. All the positive messages he’s now sending out to the world make me start believing in humanity once again.

“The Good Good” is a song with both a positive melody which makes you feel, well, good, and also the lyrics which are about appreciating the presence and the love of the people in our lives. Keep it up, Snoop!


[Verse 1]

Days like these are days I love
Runnin round going nowhere
Glad I get to steal all your time
Smilin cuz I know that I’m the one that makes you smile
Love the way you say my name
And how you laugh at all the stupid things I say
It’s all lovin, no hate
Hangin with you while you’re hangin hangin on my arm (And I like it)
Your hand on my back while we drivin drivin in my car (And I like it)

This is the good good
This is what people look all their lives to find
And baby we found it
Right on time
This is the good good
And now that we got it
We gotta keep it going strong going strong
Gotta keep it going on yeah
Keep it strong keep it keep it going on yeah
Keep it strong keep it keep it going on yeah

[Verse 2]
Anytime I’m feeling alone
There’ll be a text from you on my phone
Just to say you’re thinking of me
And when we are apart I know it’s only me you see
Love the way you have my back
And how when I make no sense
You still understand
When nobody else can
Hangin with you when you’re hangin hangin on my arm (And I like it)
Your hand on my hand while we kissin kissin in the dark (And I like it)


All this love
Is the best drug there could ever be
And I get high on you and me

Anyone can see
This is the good good

[Hook x2]

This is the good good


Let me know how you feel listening to this song and feel free to suggest some positive music you like to listen to!



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