Life as a game and how to play it right

Have you ever found yourself asking questions, such as ‘Why is life so hard?’ ‘Why do things have to be so complicated?’… I surely have. And you know what? At some point I realized that everything is truly as complicated as we make it.

You have been blessed with an incredible power to control your thoughts and actions. Even the extent of this control is entirely up to you.

Look at your life and the world as a game. It’s a game to which each of us has been brought without being taught the rules. We have to figure them out on our own. But that’s the part of the game as well…

Life is a very special game. It contains many other, smaller games and the ones you’re going to play will more often than not be your own choice. This is a game in which you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You are already naked. Everything you have, including your possessions, your friends, your family and your own life will go away at some point. It’s the only thing you know for sure – that you’re going to lose literally everything. But such a perspective can be a blessing. Stop holding on, just let it go. Trust. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Once you realize you have nothing to lose, you’re much more likely to take chances, be playful. And that’s, after all, the point. You discover in yourself the courage to make moves you never imagined yourself making before. You make a move and you go with the flow. You become an observer. With a curiosity of a child you observe the outcomes and then, you adjust.

It’s all fun. But then you discover something else. You discover your natural tendency for growth, for progress. Playing on the same level gets boring, so you have to find ways to step up, to transcend into new levels of consciousness. That’s when you realize the point of the game.

And the point is to expand.

Stop taking life so seriously. Once you do, life becomes easy.  Remember, if it gets too complicated, it usually means you’ve made it complicated in your own mind. Don’t be afraid to let it go. Life is a journey, just a short moment in the entirety of our existence. You are already a winner. Stop overthinking, just go with the flow, play with it, emanate the positive energy and make it more fun for others too! Imagine your perfect world and make it happen. It’s your move, make it count!

18 thoughts on “Life as a game and how to play it right

  1. Well all need a reminder every now and again to chill out and enjoy what we have. You just so happened to be that reminder. Thanks

  2. Great post!

    Many bloggers get inspired to write about the complexities of life and the view they have gained with their experience. But many fail to make the eloquence you have achieved. I think you should be proud of your writing skills and how you organise your thoughts. I am jealous in the best of ways 🙂

    I personally think that life deserve a certain seriousness, and being a merely observer detaches you from the impact you have in others lives. But I do like your POV.

    Keep up the posts!

    • Wow, thank you! 🙂
      There’s definitely still a lot to discuss in that matter. I don’t think there is only one formula for living or viewing life. Everyone should simply choose the one that makes them a better person and it doesn’t have to be the same one throughout their whole life.

      • I woke up this morning realizing something. Way before even finding your blog…(which I want to say thank you to you for the perspective). I hope to keep that realization going in the front of my mind everyday. Just think about it, Life I mean…in the entire Universe, HERE is the only place we know of that contains Life…all life as we know it. In the unimaginable vastness of this mostly cold, dark, chaotic Universe, here is tiny, little Earth. How big it all is, how small we all are. I will not say “insignificant”, but I will say small. Same goes for the problems we face on a daily basis…the worries. The fears. I so much want to take your words above and live that realize it. How special we must be to even “BE” in the first place. To be alive. I want to embrace that feeling and never lose that feeling. And thank God for it. To not let the small things get the best of spend time loving, laughing and playing. Of course there will always be the daily stresses when it comes to things like making ends meet, planning for the future, or when the boiler needs replacing, or the car breaks down, or there’s only 32 cents left in the checking account and wonder how we are going to do it. But, still in the midst of this I still thank God for it because maybe sometimes it takes stuff just like that to make us search out advice and words. To connect. Thanks again for the post…

        • Hi Sean! Thank you for sharing your perspective. I’m glad my words made such a strong impression on you. Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Magnets Sonnet I

    We sweat together like delicate chocolate.
    The comfortable wrap of ancient money fails to
    Freshen a purple Iris. “Would summer boil a
    Luscious petal language?” “Only in Peru.”

    We conglomerate with threads forgetting friends.
    The furniture designer conspired with unknown
    Budding chiropractors. “Does singing
    Interrupt suburban plight? “Only in Italy.”

    Let my moment whisper through the raw heaves.
    The guard allows no images of love beyond
    Revolving doors, demented. “Would Sitler
    Score in time to save our fate?” “Only in Toronto.”

    We conspire against the grind, inspiring unseen art.
    The joker who still wears hats all year round
    Inspires another line: no hate. “Does smelling
    Take the place like food of touch?” “Only in Peru.”

    We sweat together like delicate chocolate.
    “Would summer boil a luscious petal language?”

  4. Just wrote my own post about how my word for the year is “simple.” You really helped remind me of all the reasons I chose that word.

  5. I have a fear of crowds,but love competing in martial arts tournaments. I use a statement very similar to this one before I compete.”This is a game in which you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

    it reminds me that I have nothing to lose by putting very thing I got into that moment.

    I just started a martial arts blog mostly covering the mental areas of martial arts. I hope you don’t mind if i quote your site from time to time.

  6. hey there! thank you for sharing this! being optimistic and positive at most times can lead a person into a happy and long life. i have read an article by Moustafa Hamwi – the passion guy with his interview to the happiest person alive namely – Tao Porchon-Lynch, she is so happy that she’s already 97! anyway, thanks again!

  7. Yeah I totally agree. I guess the fear of losing is makes you just tense and cling to things because you’re scared to lose that person/opportunity/whatever but if you just hold it loosely, so what if you drop it or it escapes you, there’s something else to get further down the line. I like that you say: “Everything you have, including your possessions, your friends, your family and your own life will go away at some point.”

    It can be quite freeing…

  8. I do have lots to lose. And that motivates me to keep doing my best. Sometimes I over exaggerate what is important so my fear of losing it is unfounded which causes me more stress but the stakes are so high in this game of Life. I cannot pretend it’s not.

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