Let it be

Do you ever feel as if your life was a struggle? That you constantly fight against the current and all your plans seem to shutter for reasonslet it be independent from you? Well, you’re not alone there. In life, I often found myself fighting for love, money, jobs, friendships, places… However, what I’ve found is that sometimes it’s better to just let it be and let things go. We are all a part of the universe and the universe knows what’s best for us. At a particular moment, it might seem that everything is against us, but in fact it’s never so. It’s just that we might need time to see the true reasons for certain phenomenons happening in our lives.

If you ever find yourself feeling that the world is unfair, just sit for a moment, take a few deep breaths and try to feel the connection with the world. Be observant but without judging. When you start listening to your heart and intuition and living in peace with the whole universe, you will find that you are always where you should be, calm, peaceful and accepting. And in the same easy and peaceful way, everything you need will come to you in the right time.

Obviously, it does not mean that you should stop fighting for your dreams. It’s just when they don’t work out or something unexpected happens, it’s good to use a moment of silence or meditation to make sure you’re on the right track and accept things as they are in the particular moment.

Let go of judgement and sorrow and feel the refreshing freedom coming out of it. You will find that the happiness was always there, so close – within yourself.

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