Is someone in your life telling you how you should live?

When I first thought about writing this post, I felt furious. It was the topic I wanted to address that made me feel this way. You see, there is this problem that is so widespread we hardly even notice it any more and I feel I am a victim of as well.

The thing is that especially when we’re young, but not only then, there are people around us who are sure that they know how to live our lives better than us. And I don’t mean constructive advice because that would be a very positive thing. Unfortunately, from what I observe and especially in my own life, people give us advice and expect us to follow it even if we do not agree with it. I believe this to be a huge problem and danger. If we follow such advice, we basically delegate the responsibility for our life and actions to other people. In that case, we know that if something goes wrong we will have somebody else to blame. This is why I concluded that this shouldn’t make me furious at all. Because in the end I am the one who makes decisions for myself and no one can force me to follow their path.

I believe that each and every single person has his/her own path in life. Oftentimes, other people, even the closest friends or family do not understand it, but that’s ok. The struggles and inconvenience that we have to go through in order to reach our destiny, are there to make us stronger and teach us to trust our inner voice. That’s why today I would like to encourage you, dear reader, to look at your life from a perspective and think how much of it is actually your own. Are you following your chosen path? Do you feel inner peace that comes with the realization that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? If you are surrounded by negative people who tell you that you’re wrong all the time and you should be doing something you truly don’t want to, analyse what they’re saying, ask yourself if they could possibly be right. If you decide that what they’re saying is not congruent with what you want, just let them be. Try not to take their words personally. Know that you are not alone in this struggle and stay true to yourself. Remember that the greatest figures of the world have been told that they were wrong thousands of times before they became icons.

For inspiration on this topic, I recommend to listen to the short video below, in which two great men – Steve Jobs and Alan Watts, share their views on life. Peace!

14 thoughts on “Is someone in your life telling you how you should live?

  1. Great video and appreciate you sharing on this important topic, since it is very easy to be influenced both consciously and subconsciously by other folks as well as the media. Unfortunately the people offering advice most times have failed to do any in depth inner search of their own qualities, but are very quick to comment on others.

  2. This exact “phenomenon” has had me furious soo many times as well! Don’t ever listen to those other people though! They must be too bored with their own lives, trying to interfere in others. Live is for living, and you can’t truly live if you don’t follow your own path.

  3. A wonderful text and I couldn’t agree more!
    If you always do what other people tell you to do you’ll regret it, we are all responsible for our own lives.
    I’d also like to add that it’s okay to take some wrong turns in your life; even wrong decisions can teach us something about ourselves 🙂

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