High-vibe inspiration – my top 20+1 books, movies, series and songs

I believe that what we read, watch or listen to has a huge impact not only on our mood at the moment but also on beliefs we develop and ultimately who we become. Think of it like food for the mind. If you eat trashy food for a long period of time, you probably won’t look or feel great in your body. It’s the same with the content you allow to reach your mind. If you keep on watching romantic comedies where women’s only goal in life is to find a boyfriend or get married, you will very likely find yourself blindly chasing these things in your life too. Or if you listen to a lot of hip hop and R&B with lyrics that objectify women, you might find yourself subconsciously absorbing these beliefs and even if you’re female, you might find that you catch yourself behaving in ways that might make you feel unworthy or disrespected or judge other women through such lens. As many of us find themselves with extra time on our hands these days, I would like to share with you a list of my top high value content when it comes to things to read, watch and listen to in case you find yourself out of ideas or having re-watched all seasons of Jersey Shore find yourself craving for some more inspiring and empowering content 😉


  1. In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat. John Gribbin – This is an absolutely fascinating position. It walks you through the history of quantum physics that is necessary to understand the mind-blowing discoveries it led to and the implications to what we know about our reality. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s popular science. I was way more absorbed in it that any fiction I’ve read lately. I literally couldn’t put it down! It truly opens your eyes to how little we know about our world and ourselves.
  2. A Brief History of Time. Stephen Hawking – Ok, I promise it’s the last scientific one on this list 😀 It’s an absolute classic that gives you a lighter overview on the mysteries of physics, also touching on quantum physics. Let yourself get fascinated with the universe we live in!
  3. City of Girls: A Novel. Elizabeth Gilbert – For a lighter but equally captivating read I recommend “City of Girls”. It’s different, empowering, with strong, independent female characters and a fascinating depiction of their growth.
  4. Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends. Neale Donald Walsch – Even if you’re skeptical about whether the author has really been inspired by God himself to write this, it is worth a read. It’s a really deep book that helps us change our perspective about how we see death and as an extension – our time here on Earth too. And, what is quite key I feel, through challenging our perspective, it helps us to let go of fear of death which in the end is what is underpinning any fear that we have in life. Powerfully liberating!
  5. Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life. Winifred Gallagher – This one is more on the psychological side. It has made a huge difference in my life by highlighting how crucial to the quality and perception of our lives is what we focus on. The author herself is a walking proof of how powerful this can be having used the techniques presented throughout her fight with cancer. It’s an easy to read yet life-changing book, plus, it includes plenty of interesting research too!

TV series & movies

  1. The Good Place – Really good series that combine entertainment through it’s comedic vibe with challenging us with questions on ethics, what it means to be good and the point of life. Makes you laugh but also gives you food for thought – a perfect and really rare combination!
  2. Mr. Robot – This might not be the most uplifting show to watch but it raises a lot of important questions about the society we live in, it’s focus, making us reflect on the agendas surrounding us and on our choices in a truly Fight Club style. On top of that, the psychological analysis of the main character is truly fascinating to follow.
  3. The goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow – These little docu-series are filled with inspiring and uplifting content. They explore and test fascinating practices that are out there that could improve the quality of one’s life, accompanied by actual scientific studies – from Wim Hof’s method for never getting sick to psychedelic psychotherapy, it’s a truly inspiring (yet still light) proposition.
  4. Interstellar – A captivating movie that even though fiction, actually touches upon theories you will find in quantum physics. A good idea to watch it after reading “In Search of Shroedinger’s Cat”. You will then see it from a completely different angle!
  5. 2 Broke Girls – It might not be what you expected to see here given the controversial humor surrounding these series. However, if you can stomach this type of humor and not take it too seriously, you will find these series not only funny but also heart-warming, highlighting the value of friendship, hard work, independence and drive to follow one’s dreams even when the odds might seem to be against you.


I like to listen to songs that either make me feel empowered, grateful or make me feel love. Especially with love songs like “Daylight in your Eyes”, it’s an amazing exercise to listen to them while directing the words of support, love and encouragement towards yourself. It’s a small yet powerful practice of self-love I have been incorporating in my morning routine for a while now. Because the more love you give to yourself, the more love you will feel within and towards the world around you. Give it a try! 🙂

  1. Daylight in Your Eyes by No Angels
  2. Rasta by Jah Cure
  3. W by Koffee
  4. I Am Blessed by Mr Vegas
  5. Analyse by The Cranberries
  6. Somos by Los Autenticos Decadentes
  7. Something’s Got A Hold On me by Vaya Con Dios
  8. Show Me Love by Alicia Keys & Miguel
  9. Your Light by The Big Moon
  10. Love Is In The Air by John Paul Young
  11. Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet

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