“Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends” – Shirley Maclaine

There are many things we fear in life. Every single day, we face fear of doing something because we’re afraid of what people would think about us or of approaching a person we like, because of the potential rejection. Many of us even fear that an accident might happen every time we or our family/friends get into a plane or a car. It’s so hard for us to presume that nothing bad will happen even though most of the time things that we fear never happen at all. How much time and energy could be saved if we stopped fearing and presumed that everything will simply turn out great?

Think about all the times you wanted to do something – send an admission to a competition, ask someone for a date, or go for a trip around the world, and the fear stopped you. Now think about all the times you actually overcame fear and did what you wanted to do. I bet that most of the times you did, you didn’t regret. Even if you were somehow rejected, in the end you weren’t worse off than before, you were back at the same spot as you were before you asked. Or even better off, because you could have learnt something from that seemingly bad situation.  However, the chances are that you actually succeeded and you wouldn’t have if you didn’t try!

So why not actually take chances and try? Life is too short to stop yourself and waste it for fearing. After all, what could be the worst thing to happen? In most cases, the stake you risk is something that doesn’t count at all in view of your whole life. Remember – most things we fear never actually happen. I can say this from my own experience. In this case, fear turns out to be a pointless waste of time. SAY ‘NO’ TO FEAR AND FINALLY START LIVING YOUR LIFE!

For some more inspiration, here are some of my favorite quotes on fear:

“Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.” ~ Marie Skłodowska-Curie

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” ~ Bill Cosby

“Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it.”  ~ Henry S. Haskins

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Bertrand Russell

“Every man, through fear, mugs his aspirations a dozen times a day.” ~ Brendan Francis

Don’t walk away forgetting about what you’ve just read. Just take my challenge and try ignoring your fear every single time it occures at least for a whole week (of course, I don’t mean situations that are really dangerous for your life or health). Let me know your results!



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