45 minutes to save the world!

Think about the last 45 minutes of your day.  What do you usually spend it doing? Playing computer games? Watching silly TV programmes? Contemplating your day? Worrying about tomorrow? Well, whatever you do, it has twice as much impact on you just because it’s done during those crucial 45 minutes before your sleep.

Studies have shown that human brain replays those 45 minutes during the actual sleep. This makes them crucial for the quality of your life. That’s why last minute studying at night might actually work. The data you go through before you go to bed is taken care of by your brain without you putting any extra effort. Cool, isn’t it? But apart from that there are plenty of things you could consider doing in order to make this crucial time the most efficient for you.

For example, you could make specific plans for the next day. Think about the things you could do that could bring you closer to your goals, to your ideal, happy life. If you make those plans just before going to bed, you are more likely to wake up refreshed and concentrated and actually commit your time to do what you wanted to do.

Another idea is to keep yourself positive. Listen to positive music, read something valuable or repeat some positive affirmations. Any of these things will get stuck in your brain when you’re already far asleep.

For more spiritual people, yoga and meditation are also a brillliant idea. You could prolong the meditative state of mind into your sleep!

So now you know what’s the most important time during the day. I hope that from now on you’ll use it for introducing some positive changes in your life.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the great before-bedtime exercise which has changed my life significantly!



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